Underhill Park has been a great home for playing rugby, football and cricket for as long as we can remember.  And with the opening of the new changing rooms in the Hub and the presence of the new All-Weather Pitch, it’s better than ever. 

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Grass Pitches

All-Weather Pitch


The Boot Room

Park Events


Grass Pitches

Our grass rugby and football pitches are in regular use by the two clubs who are resident in Underhill Park – Mumbles Rugby Club and Mumbles Rangers Football Club – both of which have been playing and training at Underhill for many, many years.

The large open space is also popular for a casual kickaround by general park visitors with energy to spare/burn.

If you want to book a pitch for a formal game then please get in touch. We will check the training and match schedule and let you know if the space you want is available. 

Each of our resident clubs has a changing room which they have made their own – No 2 for Mumbles Rangers and No 6 for Mumbles Rugby Club. These replace the old changing rooms each club had which were no longer fit for purpose and were demolished as part of the new development.

3G All-Weather Pitch

Opened in November 2023, our brand new, full-size, floodlit all-weather pitch has been extemely popular.

Extending playing and training time by reducing cancellations, the pitch is making a big difference to all the teams using it. including our regular users Mumbles Rangers Football Club, Mumbles Rugby Club and Newton Athletic Football Club, as well as a few other local teams.

To protect the surface and extend its life, only certain types of footwear are allowed on the pitch, for players, coaches and anyone else.  You can find out what sports shoes are acceptable in the image below or see the full details here.  This also means that spectators wearing normal footwear of any sort are unable to go onto the pitch.

To support the new AWP, Underhill Hub has two new changing rooms, located next to the main AWP entrance gate.  This minimises the chance of users picking up dirt on their shoes, which can also damage the surface.

If you would like to enquire about using the AWP, please get in touch


Underhill Park together with the cricket wicket was the original home of Mumbles Cricket Club who celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2025. A number of other cricket clubs, Badgers CC, Swansea Rebels, Mumbles Star, Law Society and Swansea CC third team were playing their fixtures in Underhill Park, prior to building work commencing. And interest in cricket has been growing, with interest from women and girls game growing beyond expectations.

As a consequence of cricket not being played at Underhill Park during the development work, the existing grass wicket has deteriorated. Grass wickets are costly to maintain so, in order to meet the demand for cricket and with support from Cricket Wales, Mumbles Community Association is now working on a grant bid to Cricket Wales for a new non-turf pitch (NTP), which can hopefully be installed in time for the 2024 summer season.

We will keep you updated as and when there is news on this to share.

The Boot Room

Launched at Underhill Hub in October 2023, the Boot Room’s mission is all about sustainability, being eco-conscious and helping those in need. Boots that are no longer wanted or no longer fit growing feet are donated and those who need boots but maybe cannot afford to buy them are able to get a pair free.

If you have football/rugby boots that still have life left in them, don’t throw them away, donate them to The Boot Room and we’ll find a good home for them!

And if you need boots then pop along when The Boot Room is open and see if we have a pair you can have. Details of opening time will be available through local clubs and also posted on Instagram.

This is a fabulous initiative so please support it if you can.

Events in the Park

Underhill Park is a fantastic venue for major events, and in the last few years has played host to

    • Alan Martin Festival (football)
    • Crackers 7’s Rugby Festival
    • Mumbles Centurion (triathlon)

And we’re looking forward to hosting these and more in the future.


Since early November, we have welcomed OsteoHub – a new Osteopathy and Sports Therapy clinic – to Underhill.

Osteopath Sam Webborn and Sports Therapist Meg Stratton-Thomas make up the current team, and while both are experienced on the sports injury side, both disciplines can help anyone experiencing issues such as Sciatica, neck pain, low back pain, joint pain and arthritis.

This is an independent business which is based at the Hub so to find out more or to book appointment please contact OsteoHub directly:

Call: 07881 776879 /Email: