Phase 1 - something for everyone

Phase 1, which now has planning permission, includes the following:

For all park users:

  • Upgrade the Pavilion, with new storage and public toilet facilities, at a cost of £120k*
  • Add a new multi-purpose Community Hub and Café, for an extra £336k*
  • A further £60k* would enable us to add a toddlers’ play area and new landscaping outside the Pavilion and Community Room/Café

For sports users:

  • Develop 4 new changing rooms, referee’s room, equipment storage and a dedicated room for a physio, to replace the current rundown changing facilities, at a cost of £840k*
  • With an extra £360k*, we can add a further 2 changing rooms with supporting storage so that all players can be accommodated when the park is in full use

To create new sports facilities:

  • £960k* will enable us demolish the old changing rooms develop a brand new, floodlit, All Weather Pitch and create a new footpath to the car park. Work would be undertaken as part of this element to ensure we have effective surface water drainage to help prevent the existing pitches becoming water-logged

All new facilities will be fully accessible, ensuring everyone can enjoy the delights of Underhill Park.

*prices are including VAT

The total cost of delivering the Phase 1 plans is around £2.676 million.  This includes VAT which we are hoping to be able to reclaim, which would bring the cost down to approximately £2.3 million.

That’s a large sum, but we’re making lots of grant applications and also raising money through donations and sponsorship from individuals, community groups and businesses, so we’re confident we can get there.

Find out about our funding plans, how you can help and see who’s already supporting us.