After considering the likely costs for the planned developments at Underhill Park, the charity behind the scheme, Mumbles Community Association (MCA), has decided to split the scheme into distinct phases.

The new phased approach will initially focus on refurbishing the existing pavilion and building a small development next to it, as well as demolishing and replacing the existing changing rooms.  Phase 1 will also include building an All-Weather Pitch (AWP) which will not only provide new facilities for park users and open up opportunities for new sports in the Park, but will also have a key role to play in generating income to support the operation of Underhill Park and contribute funding for later phase.

As well as making it more likely that developments can commence in the park, the new approach will release space in the originally planned community building for other facilities, such as a multi-purpose hall, which would fit will what the community want to see happen.  A modified community building can therefore be developed as a later phase, when funds become available.

Following the decision, MCA has commissioned Huw Griffiths Architects Ltd to design the Phase 1 scheme, which in total will provide a floodlit and enclosed all-weather pitch, new changing rooms, facilities for the disabled, a medical/physio room, a tuck shop, a café/community room, public toilets, secure storage and a management office for the new facilities.

The cost for Phase 1 is likely to be around £2.25 million, excluding VAT.