Mumbles Rangers FC are preparing for a strong future for the club by making improvements to their main pitch, in front of their club house in Underhill Park.

The improvements will come from feeding, weeding and lifting the pitch to encourage grass growth as well as levelling some key areas of the pitch. To meet with the playing ambitions of the club’s senior team, semi-permanent barriers and dugouts will be installed pitch-side. These will be moveable to accommodate the general park use and cricket season.

In order to be ready in time for the new season, the area around the pitch has already been cordoned off and work has begun.

Mumbles Rangers FC is aiming to build a home fortress and to provide the entire club with a quality pitch on which to play important games during the season. It is hoped that the improved pitch, combined with the club’s 1st team (pictured) entering the new West Wales Premier League next season, will provide a pathway for the entire junior section, encouraging them to aspire to play for the senior team in the future.

The club are also hoping that the general community will come along and enjoy watching good quality sport on the weekends. Teas and coffees together with snacks will be available from the club and new bespoke merchandise will be available, with a new leisurewear catalogue launching at the start of the new season.

Chair of Mumbles Rangers, Mike Parkin, said:

“This is a very exciting time for the club future and this project would not have been possible without the funding provided by our vice presidents and we thank them very much.


“The vice presidents of our club contribute £20 a year into the VP fund and have done for many years. The money we collate from this fund goes towards the general maintenance of our facilities, including the ‘Billy Johns Clubhouse’, and provides security and a future for the club. We are very thankful to each and every vice president that has and is still contributing. We are always looking for more vice presidents and those interested are encouraged to contact our VP’s secretary, Fraser Gardner, on The donation is £20 per year and this goes a long way to helping the club and community.”

The Mumbles Rangers main pitch improvements will hopefully soon be followed by work starting on key elements of the stage 1 Go Underhill developments. These include new changing rooms for the sports pitches and new public toilets, both of which are being underwritten by Mumbles Community Council.

It is also hoped that a new community hub and café and a new all-weather pitch can be built on site, subject to additional grant funding being secured.