An independent charity to deliver Go Underhill

Mumbles Community Association (MCA) was set up as a Registered Charity in 2015, with the specific purpose of developing the facilities in Underhill Park, protecting and securing this fantastic asset for the local community.

Our Trustees are a group of like-minded volunteers who are giving their time to help deliver the transformation so desperately needed.

Many of them have been working to deliver this challenging ambition for many years, and under MCA, there is a real chance of making it happen.

A strong base for the charity was provided by a formal agreement between Mumbles Rangers football club and Mumbles Rugby Football Club to work together on the project for the benefit of everyone.

We all see ourselves as working on behalf of the community in Mumbles and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to fully represent what they want to see happen at Underhill Park, by consulting at every stage of the development. Our vision for the Park is based on what the community want – more and better facilities, plus social and community spaces where people can meet and where everyone is welcomed.

The agreement which has been reached with City & County of Swansea means that, once the first element of the development has been completed, we will take on management of Underhill Park for the next 125 years… so we’re definitely here for the long-term.


Our Trustees are all people who have come forward and are willing to give a huge amount of time and effort, as well as their particular skills and expertise, to help deliver Go Underhill.

The Trustees hold a formal meeting every month to take forward the work of the charity.  In addition, nominated individuals and smaller working groups are tasked with taking forward specific areas of work, reporting back to each Trustees meeting to keep everyone informed and ensure every Trustee has input to current issues and opportunities.

Our Trustees are:

  • Simon Tse (Chair)
  • Peter Bray (Treasurer)
  • Martin Rodwell – Mumbles RFC
  • Chris Parkin (Secretary) – Mumbles Rangers
  • Alex Deeks Friends of Mumbles Parks
  • Gerwyn Jones (Vice Chair)
  • David Wilson
  • Clive Davies – Mumbles RFC
  • Mike Podbielski – Mumbles Rangers
  • Fiona Rees

Stakeholder Group

In addition to the Trustees, MCA has a Stakeholder Group, made up of individuals with an interest in our work and who can help us in some way with their knowledge, expertise, or time, and who have expressed an interest in being involved.

Meetings are held 3 or 4 time a year, and are an opportunity for Trustees to gain additional input and to ask for help with specific initiatives.

And as we forge ahead, we’re keen to get more people involved and helping us to deliver.


If you would like to find out more about us or get involved in some way, please get in touch.

Annual Reports

The charity’s Chair, Simon Tse, prepares a report each year on the activity of MCA and the progress we have made towards our goals. This report is considered at MCA’s Annual General Meeting, held in the summer each year.  A standardised annual report is also submitted to the Charity Commission.

If you would like to find out more about us or get involved in some way, then reading the latest AGM report is a great place to start.

You can view our Charity registration, formal Constitution and annual report to the Charity Commission on their website

And if you’re still interested in playing a part in this exciting project, and have skills and time to offer, then please get in touch.