Sport Wales has made a fantastic £250k grant offer to registered charity Mumbles Community Association (MCA) towards the costs of a new full sized All-weather Pitch (AWP) in Underhill Park in Mumbles, Swansea.

The money has been approved by Sport Wales’s Pitch Collaboration Group after detailed discussions with local and national sports bodies, following which a full application was made by the charity in November 2022.

The funding amounts to just under 25% of the £1.1m total cost for the new AWP.

Owen Hathway, Assistant Director – Insight, Policy and Affairs for Sports Wales, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to support this project. Investing in local facilities to ensure that sport is accessible and safe is a real focus for Sport Wales, especially where those facilities offer multi-sport opportunities. This Welsh Government supported funding will create an environment for all ages and become a hub for the local community to come together through sport, and we look forward to seeing it develop.”

With MCA already having been awarded grants for the AWP by Mumbles Community Council and Swansea Council, the total now raised for this element of the Go Underhill development is just over £900k. The charity is waiting on a further grant application to another sporting body which would complete the funding package needed.

Chair of MCA, Simon Tse, said:

“We are thrilled to have been awarded this grant by Sport Wales.


“A new AWP will have a significant positive impact on the opportunities for sport to be played in Underhill Park throughout the year and we are anticipating that it will lead to increased sports participation locally.


“It’s something that the clubs already using Underhill have desperately wanted and it will enable us to open up the park to more sports users, including local schools who will be offered the opportunity for some daytime use of the AWP free of charge.


“We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the remaining grant application comes through and we can get the AWP built.”

With planning permission already given and competitive tendering previously completed, if the final element of funding is approved, work on the AWP could commence in the next few months.