Following a fantastic response from local businesses and community members, MCA is delighted to announce that the exterior construction of the two changing rooms which had to be excluded from the initial construction contract can now go ahead.

The significant cost increases which had occurred between the original costings in 2019 and tendering in 2021 meant that the contract signed with T.A.D. Builders Ltd in early January only included the foundations for changing rooms 5 & 6. Now, however, enough funding has become available to enable at least the building envelope to be constructed to create a weather-proof shell for these extra facilities.

With the contractors already on site and hard at work on the rest of the new facilities, adding the build of the two changing rooms to the existing T.A.D. contract is the most cost effective approach, as it can be done as part of the main construction work on site.

Chair of MCA, Simon Tse, said:

“MCA is delighted to announce that the support has come forward to enable us to construct the waterproof building shell for changing rooms 5 & 6. With the construction of the rest of the new facilities underway, people can see that the Go Underhill development is becoming a reality and have stepped up to the plate to help us do more than was possible at the start of the year.


“We are hugely grateful to the individuals and businesses who had already donated, including Joe’s Ice Cream, Dawsons, and Mumbles OAP Welfare Association, which has provided a base level of funding. And now with the additional donations we’ve received and some value engineering in the build, we have been able to take it a step further. This is very exciting news, and we will be announcing the names of those who have made donations to Go Underhill over the coming weeks.


“Whilst we still need to raise the money to fit out the changing rooms, this is such a positive step that we are convinced that we will get there and be able to fully complete all of the phase 1 buildings as part of the contract with T.A.D. Builders.


“With a fair wind, the whole of this stage of construction will be completed by the end of this year, which would be an incredible achievement.”

If you are able to donate, whether as a business or as an individual, have ideas to help with fundraising for the outstanding elements of the development, or want to get involved in Go Underhill in some other way, please do get in touch.