Progress images from the Phase 1 build

Can’t get to the Park to see how the development is progressing?

Then just check out the images below.

Our appointed contractors T.A.D. Builders Ltd are working hard on the construction of Phase 1 of the development, and we are pleased to report that we’ve had very positive feedback from Park users and those living close by on the way the work is being done.

Whilst the original construction programme was due to be completed by the end of 2022, due to some additional works, some poor autumn weather and time to fitout the new facilities it is now anticipated that these will open in Spring 2023.

Schedule for January’23

With the structure now watertight, work on the internal fit out will be underway and the final elements of the second fix M&E will be completed.

Work will also be taking place off-site on the construction of the large severy for the Hub café.

External works will be progressing, subject to reasonable weather!


By the time the site closed for Xmas on 23 December, some excellent progress had been made.

The last part of the superstructure, the link between  the main changing room block and the extra two changing rooms, had been completed.

In addition, the canopy around the building was constructed and, with the large glass panels and doors fitted at the back of the Hub, the whole structure became watertight.

Tiling continued in the changing rooms and toilets, moving on from the showers and walls of the public toilets to the floor areas.


Although things are progressing well inside the construction, the poor weather and volume of rain in November has held up outside works.

The aerial overview of the site shows the scale of the new buildings and how they fit together.

The new changing rooms are very spacious with some interesting pipe work on show.

Inside the Hub café, the location for the servery and the kitchen space are almost ready for the post construction fitout, with the large glass windows and doors going in soon.


The roof structures were almost fully completed on all of the buildings.

The high level windows went in on the main changing room block, while work on the inside of the changing rooms progressed, with lots of tiling going on in the shower areas.

First fix M&E got underway across the different areas.

In the Hub, the interior walls for the kitchen and lobby have gone up, with space left for the café servery.  It is now possible to get a real feel for what a great community space this is going to be 🙂


The roof structure and tiling on the main block covering the changing rooms was completed.

Inside these changing rooms, the ceilings have been boarded out ready for plastering.

The scaffolding to the rear of the block came down to make way for the work which has started on building the walls for the shower rooms.

Behind the main block, the walls of Changing Rooms 5 & 6 are getting higher, whilst work on the flat roof of the Hub is well underway.

Work also progressed on the trenches, which will bring the services in from the site of the new electric substation.  This has changed location, to be close to the central access road into the park.


Work on the roof of the main 4 changing room progressed well, with the shape now clearly visible.

Insulation to the upper roof was going in, ready for the next stage of works.

By the end of August, and the Cracker 7’s event, T.A.D. had started work on the roof of the new Hub.



Work on site moved along at a great pace and the walls of the main changing room block rose to reach their full height.

At the back of the main building, the base slab for the extra two changing rooms and for the link to the main changing room block got underway.

And with the structural steel for the community hub and café in place, the excitement about what is being built started to grow.

On the far side of the park, adjacent to Newton Road, the concrete slab for the new electricity substation has been completed.


With the structural steel in place and the substructure completed on the main building, the walls started rising from the base.  As they went up, scaffolding was set up to enable blockwork construction as a higher level.  By the end of June, the walls were above head height.

The additional partial demolition of the rugby club changing rooms was completed, which allowed the scaffolding to go in.

In response to a request from dog walkers, two dog water troughs have been provided, and are being topped up each working day.

Swansea Building Society Chair, Alun Williams, was welcomed on site to present a donation cheque for £10,000, which will go towards the costs of completing changing rooms 5 & 6.


The T.A.D. team has been making great progress and work was completed on the block and beam floor of the main building, with all the drainage connections in place.

As a result, installation of the structural steel started ahead of schedule.

The channel for the supply of new mains services to the facilities was also completed, with the temporary fencing removed and the ground reinstated.


Contractors finished pouring the concrete for the foundations, the blocks arrived on site, and the outline for the walls started to go up.

Work on the very important drainage connections has begun!

A large hole for the soak away drain was dug… and filled again in time for Mumbles Rangers’ teams big last matches of the football season.


Excavations are completed and a hardcore layer is added to create a construction piling mat.

In total, 57 piles are driven into the ground, to support the new buildings.

We are pleased to report that this was completed on schedule and with minimal impact for local residents and Park users.

With the piling completed, work on constructing the foundations gets underway.



With the site set up complete, the extremeties of the layout for the new buildings is marked out on the ground and contractors are ready to start digging.

MCA meet with representatitves of Mumbles Community Council to mark the start of the construction work.

A small portion of the Mumbles Rugby club changing rooms are demolished, to enable the development.

Excavations start to reduce ground levels.


With much excitement for everyone involved in Go Underhill, T.A.D. Builders arrive on 17 January, with some of the equipment needed to set up the site compound.

Safe access routes to the compound are established with a temporary hardcore roadway, fenced off from the playing areas.