With work on Go Underhill progressing at a pace, Councillors from Mumbles Community Council (MCC) have been given a tour of the construction site so they can see how the development is shaping up.

The six Councillors who attended, including chair Carrie Townsend Jones, were welcomed onto site by MCA Trustees, and had the chance to go inside the new facilities, get a feel for the spaces and see the quality of the building work being done.

Speaking after the visit, Cllr Carrie Townsend Jones said:

“I would like to thank MCA and the contractors for giving us the opportunity to have a detailed look at how the building is taking shape. I am so pleased that MCC have been able to support MCA in getting this long-awaited project off the ground. It will make such a difference to our local sports clubs to have such high quality facilities after so many years making do with the current changing rooms which are well past their sell by date!”

At the time of the visit, in late October, the site was a hive of activity with multiple trades working on different areas and aspects of the development. With the roofing having been just about completed, a lot of the activity is taking place inside, tiling is underway in the changing room showers and the sub-contractors undertaking the first fix for the mechanical and electrical service are on site.

MCA chair, Simon Tse, said:

“Whilst there’s still some way to go, we wanted to offer MCC Councillors this opportunity to visit the site and to bring them up to speed on how things are taking shape. It was important for them to be able to see, even at this stage, how the fantastic grant which they gave Go Underhill is being spent.


“From our own experience, we know how different it is to actually get inside and see the new spaces which are being built compared to seeing them on a plan, as the facilities feel much bigger when you’re there. It was a pleasure to welcome MCC Councillors onto site, to have the chance to show them around and talk about what is to come when we open the new Hub and start managing Underhill Park for the benefit of local people.”

The main construction is due to be completed by the end of this year, with fit out and finishing works to follow in early 2023.