£10,000 from Joe’s Ice Cream for Go Underhill

£10,000 from Joe’s Ice Cream for Go Underhill

MCA is thrilled to announce that Swansea’s favourite ice cream maker, Joe’s, has given £10,000 in sponsorship to the Go Underhill development.

The team at Joe’s, which has been a core part of Mumbles since 1984, are keen to see the much-needed development happen and decided that they could help this by formally showing their support and sponsoring Go Underhill.

The announcement is a huge boost to the project as MCA strives to secure and raise the funds needed to get Phase 1 of the Underhill Park development started. This includes new public toilets, a community hub and café, new changing facilities for sports teams, a new all-weather pitch, some external landscaping and a new toddlers’ play area.

Owner of Joe’s, Dominic Hughes, said:

“The Go Underhill development is a fantastic community project that we are proud to support. Outdoor play and team sport are so important for everyone, from children through to adults of all ages.


“We expect this project to bring great joy and happiness to Mumbles and the wider community and we hope that generations of our loyal customers will enjoy the new facilities for years to come.”

The announcement of Joe’s sponsorship comes hot on the heels of the public meeting held by MCA in January. At the event, MCA Chair, Simon Tse, updated people on the project and posed the challenge of what we, as a community, can do to help get the development underway. Following the meeting, a number of individuals and businesses came forward to offer help with, amongst other things, building materials, equipment and labour; construction skills; fundraising and donations.

Chair of Trustees, Simon Tse, said

“Receiving £10,000 sponsorship from Joe’s, which is an iconic part of Mumbles and Swansea, is fantastic news. We are very grateful to them, not just for the funding, but also the endorsement this gives to Go Underhill.


“We are just launching our community funding drive and hope that the support from Joe’s will lead the way and inspire other businesses to give us their support, as well as motivating local people to donate and help raise fund for the development. We truly believe that by coming together as a community we can make this happen.”

The plans to secure the funds for the development of Underhill Park include grant applications to a variety of bodies as well as seeking sponsorship and donations from businesses and individuals. Donations can be made as a one off payments or via a monthly DD through our website and a range of fundraising initiatives are also being planned.

Any individual or business willing to support or help Go Underhill in any way is asked to get in touch by emailing us on info@go-underhill.com 

About Joe’s

Joe’s has been an ingredient of Swansea life for almost 100 years, with its ‘fresh vanilla gelato’ first being served from its St Helen’s Road ice-cream parlour in 1922. The company has had a parlour in Mumbles since 1984, making it a much-loved part of the local area for both residents and visitors. In recent years Joe’s has added outlets in Llansamlet, Cardiff and Llanelli.

The fame of Joe’s delicious ice-cream was highlighted during the recent visit to Mumbles by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, when they stopped in at Joe’s to sample both the iconic vanilla (Kate’s favourite) and popular chocolate (William’s favourite) flavours.

Public meeting on Go Underhill development

Public meeting on Go Underhill development

Mumbles Community Association (MCA) is inviting anyone interested in the development of Underhill Park, whether they currently use the park or not, to attend a public meeting taking place at 7:00pm on Friday 31 January, at All Saints Church in Mumbles.

Following on from the announcement that planning permission has been granted, the focus of the meeting is on exploring options for getting the development started. The Trustees will also be providing an update on the project and specific details of the Phase 1 elements.

Whilst grant bids and funding applications have or are being made, MCA are inviting users of the Park, people living in the local area, and those with an interest in the activities that could take place in the Park, to come along to discuss how they can help make it happen.

Ideas on ways in which people could help include:

  • Donating money, helping to raise funds or sponsoring elements of the build
  • Giving, or facilitating access to, in kind support for materials, equipment or labour which could bring down the direct monetary cost of construction
  • Any skills or expertise which people are willing to give to help the construction, particularly in relation to site management

Chair of MCA, Simon Tse, said:

We are hoping that people from across the community who want to see the development of Underhill Park taking place will come along to the meeting and offer their help to make the Go Underhill plans happen.


We want to see some progress in 2020, so the goal for the meeting is to establish what we can do for ourselves as a community and connect with local people who can help us move things along. It’s important for us to help ourselves as well as seeking support from grant bodies.

Full details of the project can be found on our Plans & Progress pages

Mike Ruddock expresses support for Go Underhill

Mike Ruddock expresses support for Go Underhill

Former Wales Rugby Coach Mike Ruddock has expressed his support for the development of Underhill Park.

Mike, who has a home locally and, it has just been announced, is joining the Ospreys in a temporary role, said:

I’m fully behind the Go Underhill plans being driven forward by Mumbles Community Association.


Both my sons played for Mumbles RFC as youngsters and I was a volunteer coach for the club, so I know how much the upgrading of facilities at Underhill Park is needed, not just for developing grass roots talent but also for the community as a whole.


Having a properly floodlit training area will be a massive improvement while the new community café area and toilets will be valued not only by the players, but also the parents, grandparents and supporters who all help ensure we have a thriving rugby scene in Mumbles.

Chair of MCA, Simon Tse, said:

Having an endorsement for our project from someone of the stature of Mike Ruddock is brilliant news for Go Underhill.


We thank Mike for his positive words and hope it will encourage other well-known people to come forward and offer their support

You can read more about Mike’s appointment on the Ospreys website

Planning approval received for Go Underhill development

Planning approval received for Go Underhill development

Mumbles Community Association (MCA) are delighted to announce that planning approval has been secured from Swansea Council for the development of new facilities at Underhill Park.

The planning application, which was submitted in July, covers Phase 1 of the development and includes replacing the existing run down changing rooms with modern changing facilities, creating a dedicated community space with a café and new public toilets, plus the development of a new All Weather Pitch with floodlighting.

Formal approval for the plans was given by Swansea Council on 15 November.

Chair of MCA Trustees, Simon Tse, said:

“Obtaining Planning Permission for Phase 1 of the project is a significant step forward for Go Underhill. It is the last piece of the jigsaw we’ve needed to complete in order to secure the future of Underhill Park for the community of Mumbles and the surrounding areas, as well as the many visitors.”

“I would like to thank everyone that has helped in getting us to this point.”

A spokesperson for Mumbles Community Council said:

“Mumbles Community Council (MCC) are delighted to hear that MCA have been successful in being granted planning permission in relation to their proposed developments in Underhill Park. MCC are fully committed to ensuring that the people of Mumbles and visitors to the area have access to and can enjoy a high standard of local facilities.  To this end MCC look forward to continuing to work in close partnership with MCA to ensure that these plans are delivered in a comprehensive and timely manner and will provide support in whatever way we can.” 

With the planning permission in place, the Go Underhill team can move forward with raising funds for the development, confident that we are in a position to deliver real change. The general fundraising will complement the grant bids and funding applications already being made.

Simon Evans, Chairman of Mumbles Rugby Club, said:

“We are delighted to learn that MCA, which the rugby club are part of, have been awarded planning permission for Phase 1 of the Go Underhill project. We are confident that funding will soon be in place which will enable work to start on this much needed facility.”

The Go Underhill plans will benefit those who already use the Park for formal and informal sports activities, families visiting the children’s play area and those simply enjoying a walk in this green heart of Mumbles. The development will also enable new activities to be set up and encourage more people to make use of what will be on offer.

A spokesperson for Friends of Mumbles Parks, who were responsible for the recent upgrade of the Children’s play area, said:

“We are delighted to hear that MCA have been successful with their planning application. As the refurbishment of the playground has demonstrated, Underhill Park is an extremely valued and well-loved community resource. The new playground attracts so many families from all over the area and beyond. It is time for the rest of the park to receive the care and investment it most definitely deserves. MCA has the full support of Friends of Mumbles Parks with their very exciting future plans.”

Michael Parkin, Chairman of Mumbles Rangers Football Club, said:

“Mumbles Rangers Football Club are extremely excited to hear the news that Mumbles Community Association application for Phase 1 of ‘Go Underhill’ has been granted planning permission. It is an exciting time for all the community and extremely important that we will have these facilities for our members and visitors to Underhill Park. It is essential for the football club that the new buildings and the all-weather pitch are built at the same time. The all-weather pitch being available for all the community will in particular help develop our club in so many ways. We now need to actively engage with all to raise funds and build these desperately needed facilities in Underhill Park and look forward to the works commencing.”

Whilst there is already a mechanism in place for people to make donations to ‘Go Underhill’ via the Donate button on the website, MCA Trustees are now working on specific schemes and events which will help raise funds and will be announcing these in early 2020.

Simon Tse continued:

“As we now move into the fundraising activity, I would encourage everyone to show their support, no matter how big or small, and help us reach our financial goal. This will enable us to deliver the scheme that Underhill Park so desperately needs.”

The planning approval includes a number of conditions which will alleviate some of the concerns raised by people during the planning process. Use of the All Weather Pitch will stop and the flood lights will be switched off at 9:00pm, while the Community Facility and café will not be open beyond 11:00pm most nights, 10:30pm on Sundays.

To ensure things run smoothly both during the development phase and once the facilities are operational, MCA is planning to set up a regular communications mechanism with people living close to the Park. Anyone who would like to be added to this network can email MCA on info@go-underhill.com .

Help secure funding for Go Underhill

Help secure funding for Go Underhill

Email Mumbles Community Council directly on council@mumbles.gov.uk by 25 October with your support for Go Underhill.

Our original news story is below but unfortunately many people will not have seen the newsletter referred to, due to distribution problems, and the on-line survey was closed on 11 October. 

Mumbles Community Council have confirmed that they will consider emails of support which they receive by 25 October.

Our original news post:

Mumbles Community Council are currently consulting on their priorities for the coming years.

We need supporters of Go Underhill to help us ensure that the project remains high on their list for funding.

The ambitious plans for Underhill Park have been drawn up based on what existing Park users and the wider community have told us they want to see. The project is being driven forward by Mumbles Community Association, a newly registered charity set up by a group of volunteers. Its Trustees are drawn from local sporting clubs and the wider community, which is why the project is described as being ‘By the community; for everyone’.

With lots of areas competing for funding, it’s vital that people let the Community Council know how important this scheme is to the local community, how it will make a difference for the current users of the park, and how it will not only transform Underhill Park, but also protect and secure its future as an asset for residents and visitors alike.

Like many large-scale projects, Go Underhill is taking longer to deliver that we hoped. As a result, we have had to ask Mumbles Community Council to roll forward the funding they previously allocated into current and future budgets. This could be a challenge as new projects have come onto their radar.

The commitment of funding from Mumbles Community Council is an important element in helping us move the development forward. With their support, we have been able to employ professionals to design and submit the proposals for planning. But that is just an early stage of actually delivering the project and we don’t want it to fail because we don’t have the funds to help us make applications and match fund any grants we secure.

Show Mumbles Community Council your support for Go Underhill

To show your support and encourage the Council to allocate funding to the project in future years, please complete the on-line survey on the Council’s website by 31st October.

To help the project, mark Community Spaces and Outdoor Spaces as high priorities for you. Also mention Go Underhill specifically in the ‘any other comments’ section. You can find a link to the newsletter on the Development Plan and complete the survey here

Help us win funding from grant bodies

The funding from the Community Council is only a part of the mix of funding we need. We are hoping that a large part of the funds will be secured from grant bodies, such as National Lottery.

In putting forward our applications, we need to demonstrate that the plans are based on what the community want to see – both existing and potential new users. Whilst our proposals reflect the requests put forward in the original community consultation, we would like to strengthen our bids by getting current views.

We need to hear from you about why all the elements are needed, including the new public toilets and new café/community facility. What difference would having each of the individual elements make in terms of you and your family’s use and enjoyment of Underhill Park?

To register your views and support, you can either email us directly on info@go-underhill.com or complete the Contact Us form and use the Comments box to give us your thoughts. If the project would have an impact on your whole family, please let us know the number and ages of people in your family group as this will help show how many people the development will positively impact.

You can find out more about the Go Underhill plans on these pages, including how you can help us.