A Registered Charity

Mumbles Community Association was registered as a Charity in November 2015.  Our aim is to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the local population by creating a new community hub which enables more people to participate in active recreational activities.

This charity provides the opportunity for ordinary local people to contribute to the development of local services in their area. This project has the potential to bring a wide range of people together for the benefit of the whole community.

Like-minded Volunteers

We are a group of like-minded volunteers who have been working together for a number of years to try and improve the facilities in Underhill Park and promote community participation in healthy recreation. These volunteers include representatives of all the major users of the Park, including football, rugby and cricket.

For years, users of the Park, including thousands of children, have had to put up with inadequate and dilapidated facilities.

A Vision for Underhill Park

Mumbles Community Association wants better and more facilities, such as improved changing rooms, social and community spaces where the local community can meet, and an all-weather pitch to encourage wider use all year round. We also want to ensure that any income generated by the new facilities is invested back into the local community.